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Sample Kiddiegram Reports for a Girl English, Spanish and French: Shiloh and her Dad

Sample Kiddiegram Reports Shiloh and Her Dad

The KiddieGram Report for

May 28, 2006
1:40 PM
Swakopmund, Namibia

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Planet Kiddie


Report and Text © Copyright Moira Collins Griffin
and Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc.
The content of this report is protected by Copyright law.
By purchasing this report you agree to comply with this Copyright.

     This astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into her unique gifts and challenges. Much of a child's behavior which may puzzle or stymie her parents are quite normal, common "developmental stages" of childhood, and there are a number of fine books available on the subject which illuminate the predictable stages that children experience as they unfold. In addition to the universal patterns, each child is an individual with particular qualities, potentials, and needs, and an understanding of these can help you parent your child more wisely and effectively. Acceptance and appreciation for a child's basic nature, and an awareness of the places where there might be stress or difficulties for your child, can be important allies in your parenting.

     You will find that the interpretation of your child's chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon. If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then she exhibits these opposite qualities at different times in her life. For example, a statement that she is highly sociable and gregarious and a statement that you prefer solitude seemingly contradict each other; this means that she vacillates, and needs both sociability and solitude at different times.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The positions of the planets at birth and other technical information
is provided below for the benefit of students of astrology:

Sun      7 Gem 03               Pluto    25 Sag 55
Moon    23 Gem 26               N. Node   2 Ari 08
Mercury 18 Gem 33               Asc.      0 Lib 39
Venus   28 Ari 50               MC        0 Can 27
Mars    26 Can 14               2nd cusp  6 Sco 44
Jupiter 11 Sco 08               3rd cusp  5 Sag 31
Saturn   6 Leo 46               5th cusp 25 Cap 26
Uranus  14 Pis 32               6th cusp 24 Aqu 22
Neptune 19 Aqu 48

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 12:40:00   Time Zone: 1 hours East
Lat. and Long. of birth: 22 S 41    14 E 34

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square     : 5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      : 5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    : 4 Deg 00 Min


     The RISING SIGN in the birthchart (also known as the Ascendant) shows how this child faces life, her basic attitude or stance toward the world, the way she comes across, and how she appears to others.Libra Rising:
     Shiloh has a pleasant, agreeable, non-threatening manner that makes other people feel comfortable and at ease. She is eager to please, willing to cooperate and meet others halfway, and likely to be very well-liked. Friendship and approval from other people are extremely important to her, and she finds it very hard to do anything that might be unpopular. She does not want to step on anyone's toes. She is inclined to change her ideas or her plans based on how other people respond to her. She much prefers having company to being alone, and as a young child, she can be quite dependent on your constant attention and interaction with her.

     Regardless of how she is feeling inside, she seems balanced and harmonious outwardly. She does not like to show her unpleasant feelings, and she tends to sugar-coat or simply ignore anything that is not particularly nice. Tactful and polite, she avoids confrontation, preferring to use charm rather than more direct or assertive ways to achieve her ends. She also likes to bring people together, and she will often be the peacemaker in her circle of friends. She is very concerned with fairness, and one of the few times she will really assert herself strongly is when she perceives injustice or inequality. (This applies to "His piece of cake is larger than mine" as well as concern for broader social justice!).

     Beautiful surroundings, artistic arrangements, and refined appearances are important to Shiloh. Her own appearance is rather important to her, and she is likely to be somewhat vain or at least quite concerned that she looks good. She judges by appearances, too, especially when she is young.

     Taking her to museums, cultural events, and so on are likely to bring out this aesthetic-sense she has, which is already quite developed.
Asc. Square Pluto:
     It may seem that sometimes Shiloh cannot leave well enough alone. She is inclined to dig deeper into sensitive or taboo issues than most people are comfortable with, and she is insistent and unrelenting in her questioning. She is also very strong-willed in a quiet, subtle way. Intensity and complete absorption characterize her approach to life, and she tends to go to extremes. She is very hard to dissuade once her mind is fixed on a purpose, and she may ignore anyone or override any obstacle that gets in her way.


     The SUN in the birth chart represents who this child is at heart, her primary thrust in life, and what path she needs to follow in order to fulfill herself as a unique individual. It indicates who she is inside rather than the way she appears (which is shown more clearly by the Rising Sign).
Sun in Gemini:
     Restless, changeable, extremely inquisitive, bright, active, and always eager to see or learn something new, this child is likely to keep you on the go, delighting you with her intelligence and playful wit, and possibly wearing you out with her seemingly endless need for entertainment, mental stimulation, and interaction.

     She is quite a social creature, is apt to be an early and avid talker, and she loves to converse.

     She is a very mental creature, basically, and she has a keen interest in words, language, ideas, communicating, telling and hearing stories, and learning about the world in all of its fascinating variety. Books and puzzles may well be her favorite playthings. She does tend to flit from one activity to the next, however, and her concentration and attention span may be quite short. She grasps concepts quickly and is easily bored. She needs to develop depth, focus, and patience in order to use her considerable intelligence to the fullest.

     Nimble and quick in both mind and body, she is likely to be "on" all of the time and she may not even want to stop to rest or eat. It can be hard to settle her down at bedtime and, especially during her early years, her sleep may be light, sporadic, and easily broken. Food is also not especially interesting to her. (Eating it, that is. She may love to play with it.)  Very likely she "eats like a bird," and she may need to be gently encouraged to eat regularly and substantially.

     She is flexible, craves variety and novelty, and adapts well to change. She has a mischievous side and is quite fond of pranks and playing tricks. In fact you may find it difficult to get her to be serious and to stop fooling around. She can usually be coaxed out of a sour mood by the use of humor or silliness, and she cannot resist word-plays or puns. She is very witty herself, but she may be oblivious to the emotional impact her words have on others.

     She is a child who can be reasoned with from a rather young age. Unless other factors in her chart indicate otherwise, she is not very emotional, and may be bewildered or frightened by great outbursts or displays of emotion in others. She is even likely to point out to you the inconsistencies in your line of reasoning!
Sun in 9th house:
     Shiloh is naturally broadminded, philosophical, and interested in learning and in seeing as much of the world as possible. Faraway places and exotic cultures fascinate her, and when she grows up she may travel widely, be involved in cross-cultural exchanges, or have business interests in foreign lands.  This child thinks big and dreams of the future--so much so that her immediate here-and-now world may be neglected.  (Cleaning the bedroom or feeding the cat isn't nearly as interesting as fantasizing about leading an expedition to Mars.)
Sun Sextile Saturn:
     Shiloh is mature and responsible from a fairly young age. You should be able to rely on Shiloh and give her a good deal of freedom, as she is unlikely to let you down. She is sensible, realistic, and has a good sense of proportion.

     Shiloh enjoys working and accomplishing. She appreciates being rewarded for her achievements and being given reasonable tasks and challenges. Helping her become competent and capable by teaching her practical skills makes her feel good.


     MERCURY represents thinking and reasoning processes, the way your child's mind works, her intellectual inclinations and way of communicating ideas.
Mercury in Gemini:
     Alert, clever, and quick-witted, Shiloh is very inquisitive and grasps new ideas very rapidly. She is fond of words and ideas, and is likely to be very talkative, sometimes overly so. Her mind never stops!
Mercury in 9th house:
     A born philosopher, Shiloh questions the meaning of life and incessantly asks "why?"  Traveling to all corners of the earth is one of her dreams, and wherever she goes she'll seek another piece of the puzzle.  Higher education is definitely for her, but she may have trouble concentrating on subjects that she doesn't consider meaningful.
Mercury Square Uranus:
     Shiloh has an inventive, creative, original way of thinking and is apt to be suddenly inspired with a new idea or way of understanding a problem. She is likely to come up with unusual solutions to problems, but her mind works in an intuitive, non-linear way, and she cannot always give a logical explanation for her ideas. She is often bored and restless in a conventional, highly predictable, structured learning environment. Hastiness or nervousness can be a problem at times.
Mercury Trine Neptune:
     Shiloh's imagination and intuition is very active, and she prefers studying subjects that have an inspirational, colorful, or creative element rather than those that are strictly technical, dry, or mundane. Art is a good area for her.
Moon Conjunct Mercury:
     Shiloh likes to talk about her feelings and she is very interested in people's personal, private lives. She will enjoy having a diary or journal when she is older, as she likes to reflect on her experiences and emotions, not just feel them. Writing stories will also give her pleasure, and she should be encouraged to put her ideas and feelings down on paper. She will also like to hear stories about her babyhood, her parents' childhood, and her family tree.


     The MOON in the birthchart indicates how she deals with and expresses feelings, how she experiences the world on an emotional, feeling, non-verbal level, what her emotional needs are, and what she needs to feel secure, comfortable and at ease.
Moon in Gemini:
     One of the primary ways that Shiloh responds to the world is by thinking and talking about it, and if given any encouragement at all, she will discuss her feelings and experiences very readily. Creating a ritual of talking about the ups and downs of her day with her, just prior to going to sleep at night, can be very relaxing and soothing for her, putting her at ease. Even at a young age, before she can articulate, she is likely to be a chatterbox and to need quite a bit of social interaction and "conversation."  She will love hearing rhymes, jingles, and little songs, and she will often respond with a stream of her own jabbering. Try not to tell her to "be quiet" too often as she is growing up, because speaking is a significant means of self expression for her.

     Shiloh needs an interesting stimulating environment and she may become cranky and out of sorts when she exhausts all of the materials and playthings you provide for her. She will love books, story tapes, puzzles, and mentally challenging games, such as word games or computer games. Restless and easily bored, she is inclined to lose interest in an activity rather quickly. It may seem that she needs to be entertained constantly. She grasps concepts quickly and is always eager to see or experience something new. Outings to the library, to visit friends, or just anything to break up her routine will always be welcome. She adapts well to changes in her environment.

     This child has an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn about the world. and she is unlikely to cling too tightly to your apron strings. The outside world is just too fascinating. She is also somewhat uncomfortable with emotions, sentimentality, and others' emotional needs or demands. When difficult feelings such as fear or sadness arise, she will often simply ignore them or try to make a joke. Sometimes she becomes silly in response to intense feelings or situations that she does not understand. Even at a surprisingly young age she can be detached and objective in emotionally-charged situations.
Moon in 9th house:
     Restless moods and a longing for the freedom of wide open spaces come over Shiloh from time to time.  She gets cranky when she feels confined or bored.  Long distance travel, which she may or may not experience as a youngster, will satisfy something in her soul as nothing else will.  Stories of faraway places, studying the customs of foreign cultures, and especially enjoying exotic cuisine are all ways this yearning for the faraway can be at once fostered and fulfilled.
Moon Opposition Pluto:
     Shiloh's feelings are very deep, powerful, and compelling, and she often gets swept up by some emotion that seems to carry her away. She goes to emotional extremes, especially in relationship to other people. She becomes intensely attached to loved ones, and she may be hypersensitive about being separated from her home and family, particularly her mother. She is also inclined to hide her strong feelings, but periodically erupts with a great outpouring of emotion. Helping her accept her own emotions while also gaining a calmer perspective on them will be a major task for her parents.
Moon Trine Neptune:
     Shiloh is very sensitive and responsive to the subtle atmosphere and emotional tone of her surroundings. Unspoken negative feelings affect her just as powerfully as obvious outward forms of disharmony. She finds it very difficult to cope with unkindness between people or harshness in any form.

     Shiloh is a dreamer with a colorful fantasy life, and she should be encouraged to use her imagination in creative ways.

     Music has a strong effect on her, also, and she is likely to be musically talented herself.


     VENUS represents the way your child gives and receives affection, makes friends, and socializes. It also indicates artistic or creative inclinations.
Venus in Aries:
     Shiloh strikes up friendships and makes overtures to others quite readily, but she often will not compromise or make any special accommodations for her friends. Generally, if you want to play with her, it is on her own terms. She likes courageous and forthright children, and there is likely to be a good bit of friendly rivalry between her and her playmates.
Venus in 7th house:
     This child will never lack love, affection, friends, or companions.  She has an appealing warmth that melts hearts.  She will often play the role of mediator, peacemaker or harmonizer. She especially delights in seeing love expressed between her parents and other adult couples in her life.
Venus Square Mars:
     Shiloh's relationships with friends are rather intense, often stormy and volatile. There is a love-hate or on again-off again quality to her friendships. She can be quite demanding and competitive for attention and affection.
Venus Trine Pluto:
     Shiloh's need for love and closeness is very strong, and she becomes intensely attached to her friends and the people she cares for. She is also very attractive or charming, and she may use this to subtly control or manipulate people, especially if she feels that she is not getting enough affection. Positively, she has unusual creative abilities and could pour her strong feelings into artistic or creative work.


     MARS represents your child's drive, ambition, will, energy level, and ability to assert herself.
Mars in Cancer:
     Shiloh will rarely initiate a fight or a confrontation, and she is uncomfortable with aggressive competition. She often goes after what she wants in an indirect or subtle way. She may have stomach upsets when she is afraid to confront something or assert her will.
Mars in 11th house:
     Shiloh achieves the most and is most inspired to work when she's involved in a group project or team event.  She can be a take-charge person in a group, and she likes to be with people who are active doers rather than passive spectators.  She may prefer the company of boys or be more interested in traditionally male endeavors.


     JUPITER in the birth chart reveals the child's future aspirations, and how she seeks to grow and improve herself.  It also indicates areas of natural confidence, success, or "luck."
Jupiter in Scorpio:
     Daring activities which have an element of danger or mystery appeal to Shiloh.  She wants to live fully and passionately and not hold herself back from anything life has to offer.  From rock climbing to scuba diving or investigating caves or other out-of-the-way places, she thrives on challenge.  She seeks to grow through delving into the mysteries of life.

She's also extremely resourceful and has a "nose" for opportunities.  Even when she's a youngster, her shrewd judgment of people and situations will serve her well.
Jupiter in 2nd house:
     Money and material advantages matter quite a lot to Shiloh, and because she will settle for only the finest quality, that's what she'll attain.  (Parents may sigh when she insists on designer apparel or the most expensive pair of shoes.)  She'll also want to give the most generous presents, even to casual acquaintances who might invite her to their birthday parties.

     While generally "lucky" with finances, she may be wasteful or irresponsible with her money as a youngster, because she's sure "there's plenty more where that came from."  Teaching her a little discipline along with that faith will be helpful to her in the long run.
Jupiter Square Saturn:
     Optimism and pessimism, or belief and doubt, are often at odds within Shiloh.  This may mean she will hopefully, enthusiastically start something, but be easily disheartened by any resistance or criticism she receives.  A constructive relationship with a positive role model would be especially beneficial to her, as would a caring parent or teacher who encourages her to stay with her original plan, and reminds her that she can withstand criticisms and doubts.
Jupiter Trine Uranus:
     Shiloh is apt to be very "lucky", escpecially when she trusts her instincts and intuition.  She has an excellent sense of timing and an uncanny knack of showing up at the right place and the right time. Because she is enthusiastic and open minded she attracts opportunities to go places (both literally and figuratively) that more conservative family members will never see.  Dancing, music, and other exuberant, joyful activities are important to her all her life.


     The position of SATURN in your child's birth chart indicates the areas in which she is especially insecure, about which she is most serious, and/or in which she works hardest or is hardest on herself.  It also reveals those weaknesses which, through effort, may become her greatest strengths.
Saturn in Leo:
     Shiloh is often unable to accept external authority graciously. She wants to be the ruler and authority in her own life, and parents or teachers who try to rule her with a heavy hand will be greatly resented.

     Shiloh can also be something of a snob in that she sets high standards of behavior for herself as well as for other people. If others don't measure up, she considers them her inferiors--no matter who they are or how much older they may be.  In fact, she's apt to see herself as better than other people and to keep apart from them, while at the same time wanting their recognition and feeling--on a deeper level--unsure of her own worth.  This child takes herself very seriously and says, in numerous ways, "Look at me!"  Yet she is also acutely self-conscious and may even be shy.  To her caregivers, it may seem that she cannot get enough reassurance, personal attention, or "strokes."  In fact, she needs inordinate amounts of all of these.  She must constantly prove her worthiness to herself, usually by working hard to be "the best" in some area of endeavor (academic, athletic, creative, etc.)  This, of course, would be fine if she didn't take it all so seriously.  It would be wonderfully helpful to this child if her lovableness and worthiness were conveyed to her often--regardless of her performance.

     Being at once a proud and an insecure creature, she suffers acutely from any humiliation or affront to her dignity. Teasing--especially in public--is odious to her and may, therefore, be especially tempting to others (who probably wish she'd lighten up).
Saturn in 11th house:
     Shiloh is apt to close down or become a little insecure in groups, but she's at ease with close friends, with whom she interacts singly or in groups of two or three.  Larger social events, at which she feels unable to fit in or lonely amid the crowd, will be very stressful for her until she finds her own niche.


     The Lunar Nodes are points formed by the moon's orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth's path around the Sun. These sensitive "power points" in our child's chart give vital information about those areas of life experience that she will instinctively be drawn to in order to fulfill her life purposes, as well as qualities she needs to develop and express in order to do so. They show where she can be most successful as she unfolds her natural talent
North Node in 7th House in Aries:
     Shiloh's life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. She's learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around her. Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to her all her life, and she may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.

     Her destiny is really about "us" rather than "me", about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in her life. Understanding this, you as her parent or caring elder may encourage her to value her connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.

     The qualities Shiloh needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are boldness, self-reliance, and the courage to take risks and make her own mistakes. Encourage her to be pro-active and to trust herself.


     The slow-moving planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent the ideals, changes, and impulses of an entire generation. While the descriptions below may or may not describe your child as an individual, they will tell you about the climate of the times and the underlying issues and challenges of your child's age group.

     For instance, when Neptune (which represents one's spiritual ideals, dreams, aspirations, fantasies and illusions) passed through the egalitarian and harmony-loving sign of Libra (from 1943-1957), the children who would grow into the "flower children," hippies, and supporters of the peace movement were born. Not every person born during that time became a hippie or identified themselves with the peace movement, but certainly they were affected by the feeling-tone and ideals of their age group and the times they grew up in. Thus, the following information is intended to give you insight into the important motifs and issues of your child's generation.

     URANUS indicates where the impulse for change, innovation, liberation from the past, and experimentation with new forms is the strongest. It is where the status quo is disrupted or uprooted to make way for something new. Sudden inspiration and invention are also represented by Uranus.
Uranus in Pisces:
     Those of this age group (2004-2012) have creative genius, unusual inspiration, and visionary ideals. Their art, music, literature, and lifestyles will be unusual or strange to others, and they have a rather unstable and impractical bent. They are inclined to be discontented with the ways of the world, but without a strong desire to make positive reforms in a practical way. Traditional religion does not suit them either, and they will experiment with their own personal forms of mystical experience.
Uranus in 6th house:
     Shiloh is apt to be somewhat of a maverick in her work habits. School work, study habits, and when she is older, her choice of jobs is likely to be affected. Essentially she wants to improvise and work at her own pace and if allowed to do so, this should not be too much of a problem. In an atmosphere that is highly structured, though, she may be nervous, easily distractable, or an instigator to her peers.

     NEPTUNE represents the quest for the ideal, the dream, for something more sublime. The sign it is passing through at the time of one's birth colors one's spiritual aspirations and ideals, and also indicates where the desire to escape reality, to fantasize, deceive oneself, and become lost in illusion is the strongest.
Neptune in Aquarius:
     This group harbors great hopes for world unity and universal brother and sisterhood. An inner group impulse toward collective awakening and a strongly futuristic, visionary, evolutionary "dream". On the other hand, increasing globalization and impersonalization of daily life is strongly at work in their lives. How to contribute to the whole without becoming a cog in the machine is their quest.
Neptune in 5th house:
     Imagination Shiloh has in abundance and she may fantasize about being a "Star", as she idealizes celebrity and a larger-than-life existence.  She's drawn to entertainment or the arts and may enjoy theatre or preforming as a child.  If she has the discipline to develop her talent, her dreams could bear fruit.

     PLUTO in the birth chart indicates a process of deep change, transformation, and renewal, often through destruction or confrontation with darkness.  This is a process that takes place in society as well as in individuals.  Pluto's position in the birth chart shows where one is compulsive, extreme, or learning key life lessons.
Pluto in Sagittarius:
     For those born at this time, the order of business is the destruction of old, limiting concepts, philosophies, religious forms, and ideas about God or the nature of the Universe. At the same time, religious fanatics, extremists, and evangelical fundamentalists of many persuasions are likely to rise up quite strongly. There may be much conflict between those with powerful convictions of one kind or another.
Pluto in 3rd house:
     Shiloh has a probing mind and she loves to delve into complex, difficult, or deep subjects.  She could be an excellent student but she's apt to have one-sided or narrowly focused interests, to pursue them obsessively, and to negect other areas.  Her tendency to ask intensely personal questions or to "grill" you even in a casual conversation may put people off at times, (what was charming and amusing at four is much less so at fourteen).  Relationships with siblings may be thorny also.  Parents or other caregivers should be alert to any potential abuses or toxic dynamics between Shiloh and her brothers and/or sisters.

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El Reporte KiddieGram para

Mayo 28, 2006
1:40 PM
Swakopmund, Namibia

Planet Kiddie


Reporte y Texto © Copyright Moira Collins Griffin
y Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc.
El contenido de este informe está protegido por la Ley de Derecho de Autor.
Al adquirir este informe, usted acepta respetar esta ley.

    El objetivo de este retrato astrológico de su hija consiste en darle una idea de sus dones y desafíos. Gran parte del comportamiento de un niño que puede confundir o frustrar a sus padres se debe a “etapas de desarrollo” totalmente normales y comunes de la infancia, y hay una serie de excelentes libros disponibles sobre el tema que ilustran las etapas predecibles que los niños experimentan a medida que se desarrollan. Además de los patrones universales, cada niño es un individuo con cualidades, potenciales y necesidades particulares, y comprenderlas puede ayudarle a criar a su hijo de manera más inteligente y eficaz. Aceptar y apreciar la naturaleza básica de su hija, y saber cuáles son sus focos de estrés o dificultades, puede ser de gran ayuda para usted como padre.

    La interpretación de la carta de su hija está escrita en un lenguaje sencillo, desprovisto de jerga astrológica. Si una afirmación parece contradecir a otra, es porque Shiloh probablemente exhiba estas características opuestas en diferentes momentos de su vida. Por ejemplo, la frase “es sumamente sociable y gregaria” puede parecer contradictoria con la afirmación de que “prefiere la soledad”, pero en realidad esto significa que Shiloh vacila entre estas dos opciones, y necesita tanto la sociabilidad como la soledad en diferentes momentos.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      La carta natal es un mapa del cielo que muestra las posiciones
astrológicas en el momento y lugar del nacimiento. Para el beneficio
de los estudiantes de astrología, estas posiciones y otros datos
técnicos se listan a continuación:

Sol      7 Gem 03               Plutón   25 Sag 55
Luna    23 Gem 26               Nodo P.   2 Ari 08
Mercurio18 Gem 33               Asc.      0 Lib 39
Venus   28 Ari 50               MC        0 Can 27
Marte   26 Can 14               2da cúsp  6 Sco 44
Júpiter 11 Sco 08               3ra cúsp  5 Sag 31
Saturno  6 Leo 46               5ta cúsp 25 Cap 26
Urano   14 Pis 32               6ta cúsp 24 Aqu 22
Neptuno 19 Aqu 48

Tropical  Placidus   Hora estándar observada
GMT: 12:40:00   Zona Horaria: 1 horas Este
Lat. y Long. del nacimiento: 22 S 41    14 E 34

Aspectos y orbes:
Conjunción : 7 Deg 00 Min
Oposición  : 5 Deg 00 Min
Cuadratura : 5 Deg 00 Min
Trino      : 5 Deg 00 Min
Sextil     : 4 Deg 00 Min


    El SIGNO ASCENDENTE en la carta natal (también conocido como el Ascendente) muestra cómo esta niña se enfrenta a la vida, su actitud o postura básica frente el mundo, y la impresión que produce en los demás.Ascendente Libra:
    Shiloh tiene modos agradable y complacientes, que hacen que los demás se sientan cómodos y a gusto. Desea resultar agradable, está dispuesta a cooperar y a consensuar con los demás, y es probable que sea muy querida. La amistad y la aprobación de los demás son muy importantes para ella, y le resulta muy difícil hacer cualquier cosa que pueda ser impopular. No le gusta molestar a nadie. Tiende a cambiar sus ideas o planes de acuerdo con el modo en que los demás le responden. Prefiere siempre la compañía a la soledad, y de pequeña puede depender en gran medida de la atención e interacción con los padres.

    Independientemente de cómo se sienta por dentro, siempre da una impresión de equilibrio y armonía. No le gusta demostrar sentimientos desagradables, y tiende a endulzar o simplemente a ignorar todo lo que no es agradable. Discreta y amable, siempre evita la confrontación, prefiriendo utilizar su encanto en lugar de formas más directas o firmes para lograr sus fines. También le gusta unir a la gente, y a menudo será la pacificadora dentro de su círculo de amigos. Le preocupa mucho la justicia, y uno de los pocos casos en que será realmente firme es cuando percibe una situación de injusticia o de desigualdad. (Esto se aplica tanto a situaciones menores, como “su pedazo de pastel es más grande que el mío”, como a una preocupación más amplia por la justicia social).

    La belleza del entorno, la decoración artística y las apariencias refinadas son importantes para Shiloh. Su propia apariencia es bastante importante para ella, y es probable que sea algo vanidosa o al menos que se preocupe por verse bien. También tiende a juzgar por las apariencias, sobre todo de joven.

    Para estimular su sentido estético, que está bastante desarrollado, llévela a museos, eventos culturales, etc.
Asc. Cuadratura Plutón:
    A veces puede parecer que Shiloh no puede dejar las cosas como están. Tiende a profundizar en temas sensibles o tabú, con los que la mayoría de la gente se sienta incómoda, y es tenaz e incansable en sus preguntas. Tiene además una voluntad muy fuerte, con un estilo callado y sutil. La intensidad y la completa absorción caracterizan su actitud ante la vida, y Shiloh tiende a irse a los extremos. Es muy difícil de disuadir una vez que ha decidido algo, y es posible que ignore o anule cualquier obstáculo que se interponga en su camino.


    El SOL en la carta natal representa quién es esta niña en el fondo, cuál es su principal motivación en la vida, y qué camino debe seguir para realizarse como individuo único. Indica quién es en el interior más que lo que parece ser (demostrado con mayor claridad por el signo ascendente).
Sol en Géminis:
    Inquieta, mudable, extremadamente curiosa, brillante, activa y siempre dispuesta a ver y aprender cosas nuevas, esta niña probablemente mantendrá muy activos a todos los que la rodean, deleitándolos con su inteligencia e ingenio y agotándolos con su necesidad aparentemente interminable de entretenimiento, estímulo mental e interacción.

    Es una criatura altamente sociable; es probable que comience a hablar muy pronto e incansablemente: le encanta conversar.

    Shiloh es básicamente cerebral y demuestra gran interés por las palabras, el lenguaje, las ideas, la comunicación, contar y escuchar historias y comprender el mundo en toda su fascinante variedad. Es probable que sus juguetes favoritos sean los libros y los rompecabezas. Sin embargo, Shiloh tiende a pasar rápidamente de una actividad a otra y su capacidad de atención y concentración pueden ser muy breves. Entiende rápidamente los conceptos y se aburre con facilidad. Shiloh necesita desarrollar la profundidad, la concentración y la paciencia a fin de aprovechar al máximo su gran inteligencia.

    Ágil y rápida en mente y cuerpo, es probable que esté todo el tiempo conectada” y que jamás desee parar a descansar ni a comer. Puede resultar difícil a la hora de dormir; especialmente en los primeros años de vida, puede tener un sueño ligero y esporádico y despertarse con facilidad. La comida no le interesa demasiado. (Es decir, comerla. Es probable que Shiloh adore jugar con los alimentos). Es muy probable que coma “como un pajarito”, y que necesite que la alienten gentilmente a comer de manera regular y substancial.

    Es flexible, necesita variedad y novedades, y se adapta bien a los cambios. Shiloh tiene un lado travieso y es muy aficionada a las bromas y los trucos. De hecho, usted puede tener dificultades para conseguir que se ponga seria y deje de perder el tiempo. Por lo general puede inducírsela a salir del mal mediante el humor o haciendo tonterías, y los juegos de palabras le resultan irresistibles. Shiloh es muy ingeniosa, pero es posible que olvide el efecto que pueden producir sus palabras en los demás.

    Puede razonarse con ella desde temprana edad. A menos que otros factores en su carta indiquen lo contrario, Shiloh no es muy emocional y puede confundirse o asustarse ante los estallidos o muestras de emoción de los demás. ¡Es incluso probable que señale las incoherencias en su línea de razonamiento!
Sol en 9na casa:
    Shiloh es naturalmente tolerante, filosófica y se interesa en aprender y ver tanto del mundo como sea posible. Los lugares lejanos y las culturas exóticas la fascinan, y cuando crezca podría viajar mucho, involucrarse en intercambios culturales o tener intereses comerciales en otros países. Esta niña piensa a lo grande y sueña con el futuro, tanto que su mundo real podría ser ignorado (limpiar su cuarto o darle de comer al gato no son tan interesantes y fascinantes como liderar una expedición a Marte).
Sol Sextil Saturno:
    Shiloh es madura y responsable desde una edad temprana. Probablemente podrá confiar en ella y otorgarle bastante libertad ya que es poco probable que lo defraude. Es sensible, realista y tiene un buen sentido de proporción.

    Disfruta el trabajo y los logros. Aprecia las recompensas por sus logros y que se le den tareas y retos razonables. El ayudarle a ser alguien competente y capaz al enseñarle habilidades prácticas la hacen sentir bien.


    MERCURIO representa el pensamiento y el proceso de razonamiento, la forma en que funciona la mente de su hija, sus inclinaciones intelectuales y su forma de comunicar ideas.
Mercurio en Géminis:
    Alerta, inteligente y perspicaz, Shiloh es muy curiosa y entiende los nuevos conceptos muy rápidamente. Ama las palabras y las ideas, y es probable que sea muy habladora, a veces excesivamente. ¡Su mente nunca se detiene!
Mercurio en 9na casa:
    Un filósofo de nacimiento, Shiloh cuestiona el significado de la vida y pregunta incesantemente “¿por qué?” Viajar a todos los rincones de la tierra es uno de sus sueños, y a donde quiera que vaya buscará otra pieza del rompecabezas. La educación superior definitivamente le sentará bien, pero podría tener problemas para concentrarse en temas que no considera significativos.
Mercurio Cuadratura Urano:
    Shiloh tiene una forma inventiva, creativa y original de pensar, y es propensa a inspirarse repentinamente con una nueva idea o forma de comprender un problema. Probablemente tendrá soluciones inusuales para los problemas, pero su mente trabaja de forma intuitiva y no linear, y no siempre puede dar una explicación lógica de sus ideas. Frecuentemente se aburre e inquieta en ambientes de aprendizaje estructurado, convencionales y muy predecibles. El apresuramiento o el nerviosismo a veces pueden ser un problema.
Mercurio Trino Neptuno:
    La imaginación e intuición de Shiloh son muy activas, y prefiere estudiar temas que tienen un elemento inspirador, colorido o creativo, en lugar de aquellos que son estrictamente técnicos, secos o mundanos. El arte es una buena área para ella.
Luna Conjunción Mercurio:
    A Shiloh le gusta hablar sobre sus sentimientos y se interesa mucho en la vida personal de otras personas. Disfrutará mantener un diario o cuaderno cuando sea mayor ya que le gusta reflexionar sobre sus experiencias y emociones, no sólo sentirlas. Escribir historias también le complacerá, se le debe alentar para que escriba sus ideas y sentimientos. También le gustará escuchar historias de cuando era bebé, sobre la niñez de sus padres y sobre su árbol genealógico.


    La LUNA en la carta natal indica la forma en que Shiloh enfrenta y expresa los sentimientos, la forma en que experimenta el mundo en el nivel emocional y no verbal de los sentimientos, cuáles son sus necesidades emocionales, y lo que necesita para sentirse segura, cómoda y a gusto.
Luna en Géminis:
    Una de las principales formas en que Shiloh responde al mundo es a través del pensamiento y la palabra, y si se la estimula, hablará de sus sentimientos y experiencias con mucha facilidad. Puede resultarle muy relajante y tranquilizador desarrollar un ritual para hablar de su día justo antes de irse a la cama. Incluso a una edad temprana, antes de que se pueda expresar correctamente, es probable que le encante parlotear y necesite mucha interacción social y “conversación”. Le encanta escuchar rimas, cánticos y pequeñas canciones poco, y a menudo responderá en su propio balbucea infantil. Trate de no hacerlo callar demasiado a menudo mientras crece, porque la palabra es un medio de expresión sumamente importante para ella.

    Shiloh necesita un entorno interesante y estimulante y puede volverse irritable y malhumorado al agotar todos los materiales y juguetes que usted le proporciona. Ama los libros, los cuentos, los rompecabezas y los juegos mentales difíciles, tales como juegos de palabras o juegos de ordenador. Es inquieta y se aburre con facilidad; es fácil que pierda el interés en una actividad con bastante rapidez. Es posible que parezca que debe entretenerla constantemente. Entiende los conceptos con rapidez y siempre está deseosa de ver o experimentar cosas nuevas. Le sugiero llevarla a la biblioteca, a visitar amigos o cualquier salida que rompa la rutina. Se adapta bien a los cambios en su entorno.

    esta niña tiene una insaciable curiosidad y deseo de aprender acerca del mundo, y es poco probable que se sujete con demasiada fuerza a la pollera de la madre. El mundo exterior es demasiado fascinante. Además, se siente un poco incómoda con las emociones, el sentimentalismo y las necesidades o demandas emocionales de los demás. Cuando surgen sentimientos difíciles, tales como el miedo o la tristeza, a menudo Shiloh simplemente los ignora o trata de hacer bromas. A veces se vuelve tonta en respuesta a los sentimientos o situaciones intensos que no comprende. Incluso a una edad sorprendentemente joven, puede ser desapegada y objetiva en situaciones de carga emocional.
Luna en 9na casa:
    Comportamientos inquietos y un anhelo de la libertad en espacios abiertos se presentan en Shiloh de vez en cuando. Se pone de mal humor cuando se siente restringida o aburrida. Los viajes largos, algo que podría o no experimentar de niña, satisfará algo en su alma que ninguna otra cosa hará. Las historias de lugares lejanos, estudiar las costumbres de culturas extranjeras, y especialmente el disfrutar la cocina exótica son formas en que este anhelo de los lugares lejanos puede alimentase y satisfacerse.
Luna Oposición Plutón:
    Los sentimientos de Shiloh son muy profundos, fuertes y persuasivos, y frecuentemente se deja llevar por algunas emociones que parecen arrastrarla. Va a las emociones extremas, especialmente en relación con otras personas. Se apega intensamente a sus seres queridos y puede ser sumamente sensible sobre separarse de su hogar y su familia, particularmente su madre. También tiende a ocultar sus fuertes sentimientos, pero periódicamente explota con una gran demostración de emociones. Ayudarla a aceptar su propias emociones, mientras adopta una perspectiva más calmada sobre ellas, es una tarea importante para sus padres.
Luna Trino Neptuno:
    Shiloh es muy sensible y receptiva al ambiente sutil y tono emocional de su entorno. Los sentimientos negativos no hablados la afectan tanto como formas explícitas de desarmonía. Se le dificulta mucho lidiar con la crueldad u hostilidad de cualquier tipo entre personas.

    Es una soñadora con una colorida vida de fantasía y se le debe alentar para que use su imaginación de forma creativa.

    La música también tiene un fuerte efecto en ella, y probablemente sea musicalmente talentosa.


    VENUS representa la forma en que su hija da y recibe afecto, hace amigos y socializa. También indica sus inclinaciones artísticas o creativas.
Venus en Aries:
    Shiloh entabla amistad y se presenta a los demás con bastante facilidad, pero a menudo no se adapta ni está dispuesta a ceder por sus amigos. Por lo general, si usted quiere jugar con ella, será en sus propios términos. Le gustan los niños valientes y francos, y es probable que establezca una amistosa rivalidad con sus compañeros de juegos.
Venus en 7ma casa:
    A esta niña nunca le falta amor, afecto, amigos o compañía. Tiene una calidez llamativa que derrite corazones. Frecuentemente jugará el papel de mediadora, pacifista o armonizadora. En especial, le encanta ver que sus padres, y otros adultos en su vida, expresen amor entre ellos.
Venus Cuadratura Marte:
    Las relaciones de Shiloh con amigos son intensas, a veces tormentosas y volátiles. Sus amistades presentan una característica de amor-odio o de distanciamiento-reconciliación. Puede ser bastante demandante y competitiva en cuestión de atención y afecto.
Venus Trino Plutón:
    La necesidad de amor y estrechez de Shiloh es muy fuerte, y se apega intensamente a sus amigos y a las personas por las que se preocupa. También es muy atractiva o encantadora, y puede usar estas características para controlar o manipular sutilmente a la gente, especialmente si siente que no está recibiendo suficiente afecto. De forma positiva, tiene habilidades creativas inusuales, y podría expresar sus fuertes sentimientos en el trabajo artístico o creativo.


    MARTE representa la motivación, ambición, voluntad, nivel de energía y habilidad de su hija para afirmarse en la vida.
Marte en Cáncer:
    Shiloh rara vez inicia una pelea o una confrontación, y se siente incómoda con la competencia agresiva. A menudo persigue lo que quiere de manera indirecta o sutil. Puede tener problemas digestivos cuando siente temor de enfrentarse a algo o de hacer valer su voluntad.
Marte en 11ma casa:
    Shiloh logra lo máximo, y se siente más inspirada para trabajar cuando está involucrada en un proyecto de grupo o evento en equipo. Puede ser la persona que toma las riendas en un grupo, y le gusta estar con personas que son pro-activas en lugar de espectadores pasivos. Podría preferir la compañía de niños, o estar más interesada en esfuerzos tradicionalmente masculinos.


    JÚPITER en la carta natal revela las aspiraciones futuras del niño, y cómo éste intenta crecer y mejorar. También indica las áreas de confianza, éxito y “suerte” naturales.
Júpiter en Escorpio:
    A Shiloh le llaman la atención las actividades atrevidas con un elemento de peligro o misterio. Desea vivir plena y apasionadamente y no restringirse de nada que la vida tiene que ofrecer. Desde escalar, bucear o investigar cuevas u otros lugares poco conocidos, sobresale ante los retos. Intenta crecer al investigar los misterios de la vida.

    También es extremadamente versátil y tiene un olfato para las oportunidades. Incluso de niña, su juicio astuto de gente y situaciones le ayudarán muy bien.
Júpiter en 2da casa:
    El dinero y las ventajas materiales son muy importantes para Shiloh, y debido que sólo se conformará por la mejor calidad, eso es lo que logrará (los padres pueden suspirar cuando insiste en comprar ropa de diseñador o los zapatos más caros.) También deseará ser muy generosa con sus regalos, incluso para los conocidos casuales que podrían invitarla a sus fiestas de cumpleaños.

    Aunque generalmente puede tener suerte con las finanzas, de niña puede ser derrochadora o irresponsable con su dinero ya que está segura que hay una fuente interminable de dinero. Enseñarle un poco de disciplina, junto con esa fe, le será útil a largo plazo.
Júpiter Cuadratura Saturno:
    El optimismo y el pesimismo, o la creencia y la duda, frecuentemente son el conflicto de Shiloh. Esto puede significar que iniciará algo con esperanza y entusiasmo, pero se desalentará fácilmente por cualquier dificultad o crítica que reciba. Una relación constructiva con un persona ejemplar sería especialmente benéfica para ella, así como con un padre o maestro que la aliente a mantenerse dentro del plan original y que le recuerde que puede resistir las críticas y las dudas.
Júpiter Trino Urano:
    Shiloh es propensa a tener mucha suerte, especialmente cuando confía en sus instintos e intuición. Tiene un excelente sentido de la oportunidad y una asombrosa habilidad para siempre aparecer en el lugar correcto en el momento preciso. Debido a que es entusiasta y tiene una mente abierta, atrae las oportunidades de ir a lugares (tanto literal como figurativamente) que sus familiares más conservadores nunca visitarán. La danza, música y otras actividades exuberantes y divertidas son importantes durante toda su vida.


    La posición de SATURNO en la carta natal de su hija indica las áreas en las cuales es particularmente insegura, las cosas que toma con más seriedad y/o en lo que trabaja más arduamente. También revela aquellas debilidades que, a través del esfuerzo, pueden llegar a ser sus más grandes fortalezas.
Saturno en Leo:
    Shiloh con frecuencia no puede aceptar gratamente la autoridad externa. Desea ser el jefe y la autoridad en su propia vida, y resentirá intensamente a sus padres o maestros si intentan someterla con mano dura.

    También puede ser un poco presumida en el sentido que pone altos estándares de conducta para sí misma y para los demás. Si los otros no llenan las expectativas, los considera inferiores, sin importar quiénes sean o cuan mayores sean. De hecho, es propensa a verse a sí misma como alguien mejor que otras personas, y a mantenerse alejado de ellas, mientras al mismo tiempo desea su reconocimiento y se siente, a un nivel más profundo, insegura de su valor. Esta niña se toma a sí misma muy enserio y dice, de muchas formas, “¡Mírenme!” Sin embargo, también puede ser sumamente acomplejada e incluso tímida. A sus cuidadores podría parecerles que nunca se le da suficiente atención o caricias; de hecho, necesita cantidades exorbitantes de ellas. Constantemente necesita probar su valor a sí misma, usualmente trabajando arduamente para ser el mejor en algún campo (académico, deportivo, creativo, etc.) Esto, por supuesto, estaría muy bien si no tomara todo tan seriamente. Para esta niña sería sumamente maravilloso si constantemente se le demuestran su amor y su valor, independientemente de su rendimiento.

    Siendo al mismo tiempo una criatura orgullosa e insegura, sufre mucho por cualquier humillación o afrenta a su dignidad. Odia que la molesten, especialmente en público; y por lo tanto, podría ser muy tentador para los demás (quienes probablemente desean que sea menos apretada).
Saturno en 11ma casa:
    Shiloh es propensa a cerrarse o a volverse un poco insegura cuando está en grupo, pero se relaja cuando está con amigos cercanos con quien puede interactuar individualmente o en grupos de dos o tres personas. Los eventos sociales más grandes, en los cuales puede sentir que no encaja o sentirse sola entre toda la gente, pueden ser muy estresantes hasta que encuentre su propio lugar.


    Los nodos lunares son puntos formados por la intersección de la órbita de la Luna alrededor de la Tierra con el curso de la Tierra alrededor del Sol. Estos sensibles “puntos de poder” en la carta de nuestro hijo brindan información vital sobre las áreas de experiencia de vida a las que ella se sentirá instintivamente atraída a fin de cumplir con sus propósitos, así como sobre las cualidades que necesita para desarrollar y expresarse. Muestran en qué ámbitos puede ser más exitosa a medida que desarrolla su talento natural
Nodo Norte en 7ma Casa en Aries:
    El camino de Shiloh en la vida tiene mucho que ver con el desarrollo tanto de una conciencia sensible de los demás como de la capacidad de cooperar. Shiloh debe aprender a moderar los impulsos competitivos o egoístas gracias a la preocupación por las personas que la rodean. Por lo tanto, las amistades y relaciones estrechas son de suma importancia para ella durante toda la vida, y puede llegar a desarrollar el don inusual de unir a las personas. Su destino está más ligado al “nosotros” que al “yo”, a tratar de encontrar un equilibrio entre la independencia y la armonía con las personas importantes en su vida. Al comprender esto, usted, como padre o adulto a cargo, puede alentarla a valorar sus relaciones con los demás y a tratar de resolver los conflictos cuando surgen.

    Las cualidades que Shiloh necesita para tener éxito en esta empresa son la audacia, la autoconfianza y la valentía de asumir riesgos y de cometer sus propios errores. anímela a ser proactiva y a confiar en sí misma.


    Los planetas lentos (Urano, Neptuno y Plutón)  representan los ideales, cambios e impulsos de toda una generación. Aunque las siguientes descripciones describan o no a su hija como individuo, le darán información sobre el clima de época y los problemas y retos a que se enfrenta la generación de su hija. Por ejemplo, cuando Neptuno (que representa los ideales espirituales, los sueños, las aspiraciones, las fantasías y las ilusiones)  pasó a través del signo igualitario y amante de la armonía de Libra (de 1943 a 1957) , nacieron los niños que más tarde serían hippies, amantes del “flower power” y partidarios del movimiento por la paz. No todas las personas nacidas durante ese período se hicieron hippies ni se identificaron con el movimiento por la paz, pero sin duda se vieron afectados por tono emocional y los ideales de su generación al crecer. Por lo tanto, la siguiente información tiene por objeto darle una idea de los motivos y temas importantes de la generación de su hija.

    URANO indica los aspectos en que se manifiestan con más fuerza el deseo de cambio, la innovación, la liberación del pasado y la experimentación con nuevas formas. Es el aspecto en que se interrumpe o arranca de cuajo el status quo para dar paso a lo nuevo. Urano también representa la inspiración súbita y la invención.
Urano en Piscis:
    Esta generación tiene genio creativo, una inspiración inusual e ideales visionarios. Su arte, música, literatura y estilos de vida resultarán inusuales o extraños para los demás, y tienen una inclinación bastante inestable y poco práctica. Tienden a estar descontentos con el modo en que funciona el mundo, pero carecen de un fuerte deseo por hacer reformas positivas de una manera práctica. La religión tradicional tampoco los conforma, y experimentarán con sus propias formas de la experiencia mística.
Urano en 6ta casa:
    Shiloh tiende a ser algo rebelde en sus hábitos de trabajo. Es probable que esto afecte el trabajo escolar, los hábitos de estudio y, al crecer, su elección profesional. Básicamente, Shiloh desea improvisar y trabajar a su propio ritmo; si se le permite hacerlo, no traerá problemas. Sin embargo, en un ambiente muy estructurado puede mostrarse nerviosa, tener dificultades para concentrarse o instigar a sus compañeros a hacer travesuras.

    NEPTUNO representa la búsqueda del ideal, de los sueños, de lo sublime. El signo por el que atraviesa al momento del nacimiento de una persona establece el tono de los ideales y de las aspiraciones espirituales, y también indica en qué aspectos se manifiesta con más fuerza el deseo de huir de la realidad, de fantasear, de engañarse a uno mismo y de perderse en un mundo imaginario.
Neptuno en Acuario:
    Este grupo alberga grandes esperanzas para la unidad y la hermandad del mundo. Tienen un impulso interior hacia la conciencia colectiva y un “sueño” marcadamente futurista, visionario y evolucionista. Por otro lado, la creciente globalización y la despersonalización de la vida diaria afectan profundamente sus vidas. Su misión consiste en descubrir cómo contribuir a la totalidad sin llegar a ser un engranaje en una máquina.
Neptuno en 5ta casa:
    Shiloh posee una imaginación frondosa y es posible que fantasee con ser una “estrella”, ya que idealiza la fama y la existencia que se trasciende a sí misma. Se siente atraída a las artes y al entretenimiento, y de niña es probable que disfrute del teatro y de la actuación. Si tiene la suficiente disciplina como para desarrollar su talento, sus sueños pueden llegar a buen puerto.

    PLUTÓN en la carta natal representa un proceso de cambio profundo, de transformación y renovación, a menudo mediante la destrucción o la confrontación con la oscuridad. Este es un proceso que tiene lugar tanto en la sociedad como en los individuos. La posición de Plutón en la carta natal muestra en qué aspectos uno es compulsivo, extremo o aprende las lecciones clave de la vida.
Plutón en Sagitario:
    Para los nacidos en esta época, el orden del día consiste en destruir los viejos y limitantes conceptos, filosofías, formas religiosas e ideas sobre Dios y la naturaleza del Universo. Al mismo tiempo, es probable que surjan con fuerza fanáticos religiosos, extremistas y fundamentalistas evangélicos de diversas tendencias. Puede haber muchos conflictos entre personas con distintas convicciones fuertes.
Plutón en 3ra casa:
    Shiloh tiene una mente inquisitiva y le gusta profundizar en temas complejos y difíciles. Puede ser una excelente estudiante, pero tiende a tener intereses parciales o muy específicos, y a desarrollarlos obsesivamente, descuidando otras áreas. Su tendencia a hacer preguntas muy personales o a “interrogar” a los demás incluso en el curso de una conversación informal a veces puede resultar desagradable. (Lo que resulta encantador y divertido a los cuatro años, no lo es tanto a los catorce) . Las relaciones con los hermanos también pueden ser espinosas. Los padres u otros adultos responsables deben estar atentos a los posibles abusos o a la dinámica malsana entre Shiloh y sus hermanos o hermanas.

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     This astrological portrait of your child gives you an idea of his gifts and unique challenges. Most child behaviors that may surprise his parents are pretty normal, "normal developmental stages of childhood. There are many books on this subject that can inform the predictable stages of children's lives in turn. In addition to universal patterns, each child is an individual with qualities, potential and needs of its own, and understand them can help you, to you, the parents to help your child be more wise and more efficient .The acceptance and appreciation of the fundamental nature of a child and the knowledge of the areas where there may be tensions and difficulties for your child can be valuable allies in education.      You will find that the interpretation chart of your child is written in simple language, without astrological jargon. If there is evidence to contradict, then it shows the opposite at different times in his life qualities. For example, if you read your child is very sociable and gregarious, and secondly she prefers solitude, this seems to be contradictory, it means it wobbles and need both sociability and solitude at different times .

Sun 7 Gem 03                Pluto 25 Sag 55
Moon 23 Gem 26                N. Node 2 Bél 08
Mercury 18 Gem 33                Asc. 0 Bal 39
Venus 28 Bél 50                MC 27 0 Can
Can 14 26 March                2nd m. 6 Sco 44
Jupiter 11 Sco 08                3rd m. 5 Sag 31
Saturn 6 Lio 46                5th m. 25 Cap 26
Uranus 14 32 Poi                6th m. 24 Ver 22
Ver Neptune 19 48 Tropical Placidus Standard time observed GMT: 12:40:00 Time Zone: 1:00 Is Lat. and Long. Birth: S 22 41 14 E 34   Aspectos there orbs: Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min Opposition: 5 Deg 00 Min Square: 5 Deg 00 MinTrine: 5 Deg 00 Min Sextile: 4 Deg 00 Min


     The RISING SIGN in the chart shows how this child faces life, his basic attitude towards the world, how it seems to others.Libra Ascendant:
     Shiloh has a pleasant demeanor, pleasant, reassuring, that puts people at ease. She loves to please and is willing to cooperate and to compromise and will certainly be appreciated. The friendship and approval of others are very important to her and do anything unpopular it is very difficult. She wants to walk on anyone's toes. They tend to change their minds or project according to the reactions of others. She would much rather have company than be alone, and during childhood, it can be quite dependent on constant attention and interaction.      Whatever his feelings, it appears balanced and smooth outside. She does not like to show his evil thoughts and tends to embellish or simply ignore what is not very pleasant. Tactful and polite, she avoids confrontation, preferring to use the charm rather than more direct and honest ways to achieve his ends. She also likes to bring people together, and it will often be conciliatory in his circle of friends. She is very concerned about justice, and the few times she actually assert it will receive an injustice or inequality. (This applies as much to "the piece of cake is bigger than mine" to a greater concern for social justice!).      A beautiful environment, artistic arrangements and refined appearance are very important to Shiloh. His own appearance means a lot to her and she will be somewhat vain, at least concerned enough to have good looks. It also judge by appearances, especially she is younger.      Take her to the museum, cultural events, etc.. will bring out the aesthetic sense it already has.

Asc. Square Pluto:
     You can sometimes get the impression that Shiloh can not drop. it tends to dig deeper and deeper into sensitive or taboo issues that put people uncomfortable, and it is very persistent and relentless in his questioning. it also has a very strong desire a quiet and subtle way. His approach to life is characterized by the intensity and the total absorption, and it tends to go to extremes. It is very difficult to dissuade once his mind is set on a goal, and it may well ignore anyone or surpass all the obstacles in his path.


     SUN in the chart is that the child is at the bottom, its primary scope in life and the path she must follow in order to accomplish as a unique individual. This indicates as it is internally rather than how it appears (which is shown more clearly in the ascendant sign).
Sun in Gemini:
     Agitated, whimsical, extremely curious, intelligent, active, and always willing to see or learn something new, this child will not leave you for a moment of respite, in charming you with his wit and playful spirit, but perhaps it may exhaust you need by apparently limitless entertainment, mental stimulation and interaction.      It has a rather sociable, able to speak early, eagerly, and she loves the discussion.      It is very cerebral in done, and is interested in words, languages, ideas, communication, likes to tell and listen to stories and learn about the world in all its glory. Books and puzzles will certainly his favorite pastimes. It does not tend to jump from one activity to another, but its concentration and attention may be relatively short-lived. She grasped the concepts quickly and get bored quickly. She needs to cultivate depth, concentration and patience to be able to take full advantage of its considerable intelligence.      Agile and fast, both mentally and physically, it tends to be in action all the time and can be not wanting to stop to rest or eat. It can be difficult to soothe at bedtime, especially during infancy and sleep may be light, irregular and easily interrupted. The food does not necessarily interested. (That is to say, eat, she will definitely love to play with). It's likely she "pecks" and have to be gently encouraged to eat regularly and substantially.      It is flexible, a thirst for variety and novelty and adapts well to change. She has a playful side and often likes making jokes. In fact, you might find it difficult to ask him to be serious and stop having fun. You can often make a sulky mood out with humor or nonsense. She is unable to resist the play on words or puns. It is very spiritual but may not be aware of his emotional words can have on others impact.      This is a child with whom one can reason from a very young age. Unless other factors in his chart indicate otherwise, it is not very emotional and may be confused or frightened by the demonstrations of emotions in others. It will certainly make you notice inconsistencies in your own way of thinking!

Sun in 9th casa:
     Shiloh is naturally open-minded philosopher and trying to learn as much as possible and discover the world. The distant and exotic cultures fascinate and when she grows up, she certainly traveled extensively, participate in cultural exchanges or do business in foreign countries. This large-scale child thinks and dreams of the future - so that his immediate world, here and now, could be neglected. (Ranger's room or feeding the cat is not as interesting as dream to lead an expedition to Mars.)
Sun Sextile Saturn:
     Shiloh is mature and responsible at a very early age. You should be able to rely on Shiloh and give him a lot of freedom because you can definitely trust him. it is wise, realistic and has a good sense of proportion.      Shiloh likes to work and perform. she likes to be rewarded for their successes and give him reasonable tasks and challenges. Help them become skilled in teaching them practical skills to help them feel good.


     MERCURY is the process of thought and reason, how your child's mind works, his intellectual trends and how to communicate ideas.
Mercury in Gemini:
     Lively, intelligent, quick-witted, Shiloh is very curious and quickly grasps new concepts. She loves words and ideas and will certainly be very talkative, sometimes too much. His brain never stops!
Mercury in 9th casa:
     Philosopher born, Shiloh asked about the meaning of life and constantly ask "why?". She dreams of traveling around the world, and where it goes, it will seek another piece of the puzzle. Higher education is certainly worth it but it might be difficult to focus on the subjects it does not consider to be important.
Mercury Square Uranus:
     Shiloh has a way of thinking inventive, creative, original and has a tendency to suddenly be inspired by new ideas or ways of understanding things. it certainly find original solutions to problems, but her mind works intuitively, nonlinear and can not always give a logical explanation to his ideas. she often bored and annoyed in a conventional learning environment, predictable and structured. Haste or nervousness can sometimes cause him problems.
Mercury Trine Neptune:
    The imagination and intuition Shiloh are very active, and she prefers to study subjects that have inspired or creative rather than those which are strictly technical element. Art is an ideal area for her.
Moon Conjunction Mercury:
     Shiloh likes to talk about his feelings and she is very interested in the private lives of others. she'll love to keep a diary when she grows up because she likes to think about his experiences and emotions, not just live. Write stories it also provides a lot of fun and it should be encouraged to set his ideas and feelings on paper. She also love to hear stories about his childhood, childhood his parents and ancestors.


     MOON in the chart indicate how it manages and expresses feelings, how she saw the world on an emotional, sentimental and non-verbal level, what emotional needs and what it needs to feel safe, comfortable and at ease.
Moon in Gemini:
     One of the first ways in which Shiloh meets the world is thinking about and talking about, and with the slightest encouragement, she easily discuss their feelings and experiences. Create a ritual where we can talk about the ups and downs of her day with her ​​just before going to bed at night, can help relax and relieve themselves by putting them at ease. Even at a young age, before she could articulate, it will surely be a little chatterbox and will need social interaction and "conversations". She'll love listening to nursery rhymes and little songs and respond with its own babbling. Try not often tell him not to make any noise as they grow, because speech is an important means of expression for her.      Shiloh needs a stimulating and interesting and can become grumpy and bad hair it exhausts all equipment and toys that you give it. She'll love books, stories, puzzles and games brain agility as word games or computer games. Restless, with a tendency to get bored easily, it could tire of an activity rather quickly. It feels she still needs to be entertained. She grasped the concepts quickly and is always ready to try new things. Trips to the library, visit friends or anything that can break the routine will always come. It adapts well to changes in its environment.      This child has an insatiable curiosity and a desire to discover the world and it does not cling too tightly to his mother's skirts. The outside world is too fascinating. She is not comfortable with emotions, sentimentality and other emotional needs and requirements. she is faced with difficult feelings such as fear or sadness, she usually ignore or try to laugh. She sometimes mad in response to intense feelings or situations they do not understand. Even at a very young age, it can be detached and objective in emotionally charged situations.
Moon in 9th casa:
     Shiloh is sometimes agitated mood and often feel a desire for freedom and fresh air. it becomes capricious when it is locked or she is bored. Long trips, it could know during childhood, make very happy. The stories of distant countries, the study of foreign cultures and customs and especially the exotic cuisine are all ways in which the desire of the distant can be nurtured and fanned.
Moon Opposition Pluto:
     Shiloh's feelings are very profound, powerful and compelling, and it is often carried away by his own emotions. she goes into extreme emotions, especially in relationships with others. it focuses intently to his family, and it could be terribly frightened at the idea of being separated from his home and his family, especially his mother. it also tends to hide his strong feelings, but sometimes explodes in a large volcano of emotions. Help him to accept his own emotions and to take into account more quiet will be a major task for parents.
Moon Trine Neptune:
     Shiloh is very sensitive to the subtle atmosphere and the emotional tone of the community. Negative feelings affect the tacit as well as the more obvious forms of contention. it is very difficult to manage malice between people or hardness in all its forms.     Shiloh is a dreamer with a whimsical fantasy life and it should be encouraged to use their imagination creatively.      's music has a powerful effect on her, too, and it will certainly musical talents.


     VENUS is the way your child give and receive affection, make friends and communicate. It also shows the artistic and creative tendencies.
Venus in Aries:
     Shiloh is approaching friends and others quite easily, but often it will not compromise nor try to adapt to his friends. In general, if you want to play with it, it is in his own words. She loves the brave and direct children, and there will certainly be a good deal of friendly rivalry between her and her classmates.
Venus in 7th casa:
     This child will never lack of love, affection, friends or companions. It radiates heat that melts hearts. She often played the role of mediator, conciliator. It is especially fun to see the love expressed between parents and other adults in his life couples.
Venus Square Mars:
     Shiloh relationships with friends are pretty intense, often stormy and explosive. His friendships have a quality of love-hate. it can be quite demanding and fighting for attention and affection.
Venus Trine Pluto:
     The need for love and intimacy Shiloh is very strong, and it focuses intensely to his friends and relatives. it is also very attractive and charming and she can use it to control or manipulate people subtly, especially if she feels she is not getting enough affection.On the positive side, it has extraordinary creative abilities and could use its powerful emotions in a creative artistic work.


     March represents the will, ambition, energy level and ability to assert your child.
Mars in Cancer:
     Shiloh rarely start a fight or confrontation, and it is not comfortable with the aggressive competition. She gets what she wants indirect or subtle way. She may have nausea she is afraid to face something or assert his will.
Mars in 11th casa:
     Shiloh successful at best and is most inspired when it is part of a group project or team. It may be that supports a group and she loves to be with people who act rather than passive spectators. She may prefer the company of boys or interested in more traditionally male activities.


     Jupiter in the chart reveals the future aspirations of the child and how it seeks to grow and improve. This also indicates areas of natural confidence, success or "chance."
Jupiter in Scorpio:
     The daring activities that have an element of danger and mystery like Shiloh. She wants to live fully and passionately and refuses anything that life can offer. Whether climbing, diving or exploring caves and other hiding places, she likes challenges. It seeks to grow by digging the mysteries of life. She also has a lot of resources and a "nose" for opportunities. Even in childhood, his sound judgment on people and situations will it excellent use.
Jupiter in 2nd casa:
     Money and material benefits are important to Shiloh, and as it is satisfied that the best quality is that it will reach. (Parents may sigh when she insist on wearing clothes or the most expensive shoes.) She'll also offer the most generous gifts, even passing knowledge of who to invite to their birthday parties.      Although usually quite lucky "financially, it could be wasteful and irresponsible with his money in his youth because she is convinced that" there's plenty more where that came from there. "He learned a little discipline in this area it will be useful long term.
Jupiter Square Saturn:
     Optimism and pessimism, faith and doubt, often clash in the inner world of Shiloh. This may mean it will be full of hope, starting something with enthusiasm but discouraging easily to any resistance or criticism received. A constructive relationship with a positive role model will make him particularly well, as a loving parent or a teacher who encouraged him to stick to his original plan and reminds her she can overcome the criticisms and doubts.
Jupiter Trine Uranus:
     Shiloh tends to be very lucky, especially when she trusts her instincts and intuition. She has a great sense of opportune moments and an amazing flair for it to always be in the right place at the right time. As she is enthusiastic and open-minded, it attracts more opportunities to move (literally and figuratively) than other more conservative members of his family. Dance, music and other activities will be joyful and exuberant important to her throughout her life.


     The position of Saturn in the birth chart of your child shows the areas in which it lacks confidence and it takes most seriously, and / or for which she works harder or is more hard on herself. It also reveals the weaknesses, with effort, could become its greatest strengths.
Saturn in Leo:
     Shiloh is often unable to graciously accept external authority. she wants control authority over his own life. It certainly hate parents or teachers who are trying to control firmly      Shiloh can be any less snob, in the sense it inflicts on itself and other impeccable behavior. If others are not up to par, she considers inferior, whatever their position or age. In fact, it could be regarded as being better than others, and may want to stay away while seeking recognition and feeling at a certain level, unsure of her. This child is very serious and said, in many ways, "Look at me!" However, it is also seriously complexed and can be shy. For his parents, it may seem to have a constant assurance, attention, or "fondling" need. In fact, it requires a disproportionate amount of this. It must constantly prove his worth, usually by working hard to be the best in a given (school, athletics, creativity, etc.). Area. This, of course, would not be a problem if she did not take everything so seriously. It would be wonderful to show the child often its value and ability to be loved, regardless of its performance.      Being a creature at once proud and anxious, she suffers severely from any humiliation or affront to his dignity. Tease - especially in public - it is obnoxious and this could be all the more tempting for others (who want to see her relax).
Saturn in 11th casa:
     Shiloh may contain or show a lack of self-confidence in groups, but it is comfortable with close friends with whom she communicates individually or in groups of two or three. Large gatherings, where she feels unable to be admitted or feels lonely in the crowd will be very stressful for her until she can find her own place.


     The Lunar nodes are points formed by the orbit of the Moon around the Earth where it joins the ecliptic of the Earth around the Sun. These points sensitive power in the chart of our children provide vital information on these areas of life experiences to which it will be instinctively drawn so as to fulfill the meaning of life, and the qualities that he will develop and express to get there. They indicate where it can best succeed in realizing his natural talent
North Node in 7th house in Aries:
     The path traced in the life of Shiloh is focused on the development of a sensitive awareness of others and the ability to cooperate. She learned to temper his competitive instincts and selfish concern by those around him. Friendship and complicity are therefore of paramount importance to her throughout her life and she can develop an extraordinary gift to meet people.      His destiny is based really on the "we" rather than "me" , finding a balance between independence and harmony with the major players in his life. By understanding this, you, as a parent or responsible adult should be encouraged to assess its relationship to people and work to resolve conflicts with others as appropriate.      Shiloh The qualities needed to succeed in this adventure are boldness, independence and courage to take risks and make their own mistakes. it to be pro-active and have confidence in it.


     The planets move slowly Uranus, Neptune and Pluto represent the ideals, changes and pulse of a generation. While the descriptions below may or may not describe your child as an individual, they will give you an indication of the climate of the generation and the problems and challenges underlying the age group of your child.      example, children become the cool hippies, hippies, and supporters of the peace movement were born when Neptune (representing spiritual ideals, dreams, aspirations, fantasies and illusions) increased by egalitarian and harmonious sign the Balance (1943 to 1957). All those born in this period are not necessarily become hippies or identified in the peace movement, but they have certainly been affected by feelings and ideals of their generation and the era in which they grew up. Thus, the following information is here to give you an overview of important trends and issues in the generation of your children.      URANUS indicates areas where the impetus for change, innovation, freedom from the past and experiences with new forms are the strongest. This is where the status quo is upset to leave room for something new. The sudden inspiration and invention are represented by Uranus.
Urano in Pisces:
     Those of this generation (2004-2012) had a creative genius, an unusual inspiration and visionary ideals. Their art, music, literature and lifestyle will be unusual or strange to others, and they will be rather unstable and unrealistic. They tend to be dissatisfied with the way the world works, but no great desire to make positive reforms in practical ways. Traditional religion is not for them either, and they will experiment with their own personal forms of mysticism.
Urano in 6th casa:
     Shiloh may tend to be unconventional in his work habits. His school work, his way of studying and it will be bigger, his career will certainly be affected. In fact, she wants to improvise and work at their own pace, and if it is authorized, this should not really be a problem. In a very structured environment, however, it can become anxious, easily distracted or distract his peers.      NEPTUNE represents the quest for the ideal, the dream, something sublime. The sign it passes the time of birth colors the spiritual aspirations and ideals, and also indicates that the desire to escape reality, to fantasize, to deceive oneself and get lost in the illusion is the strongest.
Neptuno in Aquarius:
     This group has high hopes for world unity and universal brotherhood. A natural instinct to group collective awakening and a "dream" highly futuristic, visionary and progressive. On the other hand, the growth of globalization and the depersonalization of life is very present in their lives. Their quest is to find out how to contribute to the body without becoming a wheel in the gear.
Neptuno 5th casa:
     Shiloh has imagination to spare and it certainly will dream to be a "Star" because it idealizes fame and stronger than life existence She is attracted to the arts and entertainment or can. enjoy the theater and put on a show during childhood. If she has the discipline to develop his talent, his dreams could come true.      Pluto in the chart indicates a process of profound change, transformation and renewal, often destruction or confrontation with the darkness. This is a process that takes place in the society as well as for individuals. position of Pluto in the chart shows where we are compulsive or extreme that learns vital lesson.
Pluto in Sagittarius:
     For those who were born at that time, the agenda is the destruction of old concepts that limit, philosophies, religious forms and ideas of God or the nature of the universe. At the same time, religious fanatics, extremists and evangelical fundamentalists many persuasions can rise quite sharply. There may be many conflicts between those who have strong convictions one way or the other.
Pluto in 3rd house:
     Shiloh has a curious mind and loves to delve into complex issues, difficult or complex. it could be an excellent student, but it tends to be narrowly defined interests she pursues obsessively while neglecting other areas. His tendency to ask personal questions intense or put you on the spot, even during a casual conversation may offend some. (What was charming and fun to the age of four years may no longer be at fourteen). Relationships with siblings are also likely to be difficult. Parents and leaders should pay attention to potential abuse or toxic dynamic between Shiloh and her siblings.

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