Saturday, July 20, 2013

Repost from Kiddie Star Signs Blog : May Celebrity Baby Round Up Featuring Everly Tatum

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna welcomed their first child, Everly, in London on May 30th.

With four planets in active Gemini, this kiddo might seem like she's living eight lives! Geminis are known for their endless curiosity even as adults, so mom and dad can expect an intelligent and clever daughter, one who will enjoy learning as fast and as much as she can. Parents of children with a lot of Gemini can usually expect an early talker and walker; however, with Everly's Mars in laid-back Taurus, she may not necessarily be in any hurry. As soon as it becomes apparent to Everly that her world is limited without movement, though, she'll probably be up and at 'em!

Everly was born while the moon was in the fixed sign Aquarius, a sure sign she has a strong, independent streak. With Mars also in a fixed sign, once Everly sets her sights on something she wants, there will be no dissuading her!

Everly was the star of the baby show in May; it seems that it was pretty quiet in Babytown, Hollywood otherwise. Congrats to the new parents.

No exact birth time is given for Everly so a noon chart has been calculated. No interpretation based on time of birth has been given.

Image of Channing and wife Jenna is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Peabody Awards


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Signature Star Sign Cancer Sun Sign Child Ben Stiller's Son: Quinlin Dempsey Stiller

Because of Kiddie Star Signs Blog was moved. We have lost links to many of the celebrity children we
have written about. So we are re-posting them so they can live on in the search engines.

Quinlin, son and second child of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, is our Cancer Signature Star Child.

As a Cancer, 6-year-old Quinlin is a sweetie with a big heart, although with Mars in fierce Aries, he may like to act tougher than he sometimes feels. Jupiter and his south node in Libra show he's very concerned about fairness, so he'll probably fight for the little guy if he feels they are being treated poorly or in need of defense.

With Mercury and Venus in expressive Leo, he's also probably the family clown. Although dad is a professional comic actor, Quinlin will like to be downright playful and silly with a budding talent in his ability to get his audience laughing with a hammy joke. With Mercury and Mars in a trine, he's probably got quick mental instincts. He also may have a love of heroic adventure stories with bold Mars in Aries in a comfortable connection with Mercury and Venus in Leo with it's love of the dramatic.

More from his Kiddiegram:

Mercury Trine Mars:
     Sharp-witted and quick at repartee, Quinlin enjoys lively discussion, debates, or intellectual sparring. He excels at games that require both skill and intelligence.

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Image of Ben Stiller is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

Quinlin's exact time of birth is not known so a sunrise chart has been created. No incorrect interpretation has been given as a result.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prince William ("Wills") Kiddiegram Born Summer Solstice 1982

Apologies for not getting Prince William's Kiddiegram yesterday. Here it is, and we'll include his chart wheel again as well.

The KiddieGram Report for

June 21, 1982
9:03 PM
London, England

Planet Kiddie


     The RISING SIGN in the birthchart (also known as the Ascendant) shows how this child faces life, his basic attitude or stance toward the world, the way he comes across, and how he appears to others.

Sagittarius Rising:

     An eager explorer, restless wanderer, high-spirited and energetic adventurer, this child is bound to keep you on the go. Even from a very young age, he is very curious and hates to be contained in any way. As a baby, he will need a great deal of motion (bouncing, going for outings in his stroller, being carried in a backpack), and later on when he is mobile himself, you may have a hard time keeping up with him. He needs plenty of space to dance, prance, gallop, cavort, and generally release his overflowing energy. He can be quite boisterous and wild in his play and he often has no sense of self-restraint or moderation. He is a bit of a daredevil, and if it has never been done before, he wants to do it. He can also be rather overwhelming to quieter, more cautious children, but on the other hand, his liveliness and good cheer tends to be contagious. He brings out the playfulness in other people.

     There is an open, welcoming friendliness about him that others find quite appealing. He seems to expect good times, and he enjoys sharing them. He likes having many playmates, and while he may have a favorite, he does not like to be limited or held back by anyone. In fact, he balks at restrictions of any kind, and finding a balance between giving him free rein to express himself and setting reasonable limits, is likely to be an ongoing challenge for you. When you want him to do something, you must enlist his cooperation and appeal to his higher instincts and strong sense of fair play. Commands and heavy displays of authority will create much resentment and resistance in him, but if you treat him with respect, he will generally respond admirable.

     Wills is unflinchingly truthful, also, and his blunt honesty can be both refreshing and appalling at times. He sees right through hypocrisy and pretenses and he is not shy about pointing them out. He will probably need some gentle schooling in the art of diplomacy and of protecting people's feelings. His good humor and good will are obvious, however, and therefore many people do not take offense at what otherwise might be a real blow!

Asc. Opposition Sun:

     Wills appears or comes across very differently than he feels himself to be at heart. If you read the description of his sun sign and compare it to the interpretation of his rising sign, you will note some basic contradictions, as if the person he seems to be (shown by the rising sign) is completely opposite in some ways to who he really is inside (as shown by the sun sign). He may swing back and forth between two opposite ways of behaving. People may be surprised to discover that he is really much different once you get to know him, than he first appears.

Asc. Sextile Jupiter:

     Jovial and sociable, Wills likes people and they like him. He also seems good-humored, generous, and above pettiness, so that other people are inspired to trust him.

     He is likely to be popular and well-known in his neighborhood or school.

Asc. Conjunct Neptune:

     Wills has a rather impressionable, malleable, and yielding manner, and as a child, he may not have a very clear sense of identity.

     He is very compassionate and empathetic, also, and dislikes harshness or cruelty in any form. He tends to avoid confrontation.

Asc. Sextile Pluto:

     Anything hidden, secretive, mysterious, or taboo holds great fascination for Wills, and he questions and probes until he gets answers. He loves to investigate the unknown.


     The SUN in the birthchart represents who this child is at heart, his primary thrust in life, and what path he needs to follow in order to fulfill himself as a unique individual. It indicates who he is inside rather than the way he appears (which is shown more clearly by the Rising Sign).

Sun in Cancer:

     At heart, Wills is a very emotional and sympathetic person who is highly sensitive to the feeling tone and subtle atmosphere surrounding him. He cries easily and often seems swept up by the ebb and flow of constantly fluctuating emotions. He instinctively seeks a safe harbor to retreat to, a private place that feels safe and protected, which is most often his mother or his home.

     He is very attached to his family and to the beloved, familiar things of home, and he may be loathe to venture away from them for very long, especially when he is quite young. A natural shyness or reticence to open himself to strangers will be in evidence quite early, and he should not be pushed into sociability or a false show of "bravery."  Allow him to set his own pace in meeting the world. Though his attachment to you may be thought of as "clingy" or "overly dependent," it is best to reassure him and to very gently encourage him to overcome his fears. Eventually, given plenty of support and the knowledge that you will indeed always be there to go back to, he will leave the nest quite happily.

     Wills has a very nurturing, loving, protective side and he naturally responds to others' needs for comfort and care. Having pets or even a garden to tend will make him quite contented. He is also likely to be an enthusiastic chef and should be allowed to help with the cooking as much as possible. Food will always play an important role in his life, as a means to give and receive emotional sustenance as well as physical nourishment. You should take care not to substitute food for emotional comfort (i.e. "He hurt your feelings?  Let's have some milk and cookies and forget all about it. . ."). This could easily become a habit of his that would be difficult to break later in life.

     In fact, the habits that he creates in childhood are likely to stay with him throughout his life, and the attitudes and behaviors he absorbs now will always influence him strongly. He has an excellent memory, also.

Sun in 7th house:

     Wills is a "people person" who may have little inclination or taste for solitude.  Finding interesting things to do when he's on his own can be challenging.  Companionship and friendship are everything to him, and he may not act very decisively unless he knows that at least one other person approves of his actions. Because of this, his friends and other significant people in his life can unduly influence him.  He may also be a bit of a busybody, because he so much wants to be actively involved in others' lives.  He will play advisor, peace-maker, go-between, or counselor to his playmates and friends throughout his life.

Sun Conjunct Moon:

     The above description of Wills is so ingrained that he has little objectivity or real understanding of people whose temperament differs from him. At best, this means that he is sure of himself and of what he wants. At worst, he tends to be one-sided and unable to see issues from any viewpoint except his own.

Sun Opposition Neptune:

     Gentle and sensitive, Wills does not withstand pressure, aggressiveness, or intense competition very well. When challenged, he is inclined to quietly withdraw and he needs to develop strength, stamina, and self-confidence.

     His imagination is quite active and fanciful, and he is inclined to get carried away with his imagination. His gifts lie in the creative, imaginative, or spiritual realms. A pronounced interest in religion, or spiritual ideas is likely to emerge at a fairly young age. He may ponder questions about God or the nature of the Universe much more than other children, and simple, pat answers do not satisfy him. He has a great sense of wonder about life's mystery.

Sun Trine Jupiter:

     It may seem that life is always on Wills's side, and that Fortune smiles on him more than on most people. Mostly that stems from the fact the he does not worry a lot and he seems always to expect everything to turn out well for him. He is generous and large-spirited, and the world responds to him in kind. The only drawback is that he may not be inclined to push himself, to work hard, or to be very motivated to develop the gifts and opportunities he has.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday's Child : Prince William Duke of Cambridge

Prince William Duke of Cambridge

photo credit: Wikipedia

Monday's Child is Fair of Face.
Born with a Sun in the Sign of Cancer, he is blessed in a marriage to Kate Middleton who is
Capricorn with a Moon in Cancer. Mlle Kiddie does not have a precise time of
birth for Kate, who was born Jan 9, 1982 in Reading, Berkshire (UK)
information on her chart from AstroTheme

Tomorrow, Mlle Kiddie will work on their chart wheels in her cafe and post their complete and in Catherine's case, partial Kiddiegrams.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Missing Kiddie Star Signs Blog

Mlle Kiddie had stepped out of her office to try and solve the mystery of her missing blog
Kiddie Star Signs, until it is solved, she will be re posting different blogs of Celebrity Kids
she has followed over the years.
This is Levi Alves McConaughey  Chart-wheel

Levi's Kiddiegram Report
can be found

Even though the missing blog has now been recovered, she will occasionally post chartwheels in her Star Kids reference Library.