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Kim Kardashian's Kiddiegram

Kim and Kayne have had their daughter North West (who might have been  Kaidence Donda West ). Her Kiddiegram  can be viewed on StarKids

Mlle Kiddie thought it would be fun to show you Kim's Kiddiegram report and chart wheel. ( her birth information from Astro Theme ) 

And here's her complete Kiddiegram report. 
Kiddiegram Chart Interpretation for Kim Kardashian

2011 photo from her Wikipedia entry


     This astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into her unique gifts and challenges. Much of a child's behavior which may puzzle or stymie her parents are quite normal, common "developmental stages" of childhood, and there are a number of fine books available on the subject which illuminate the predictable stages that children experience as they unfold. In addition to the universal patterns, each child is an individual with particular qualities, potentials, and needs, and an understanding of these can help you parent your child more wisely and effectively. Acceptance and appreciation for a child's basic nature, and an awareness of the places where there might be stress or difficulties for your child, can be important allies in your parenting.

     You will find that the interpretation of your child's chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon. If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then she exhibits these opposite qualities at different times in her life. For example, a statement that she is highly sociable and gregarious and a statement that you prefer solitude seemingly contradict each other; this means that she vacillates, and needs both sociability and solitude at different times.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Sagittarius Ascendant

     An eager explorer, restless wanderer, high-spirited and energetic adventurer, this child is bound to keep you on the go. Even from a very young age, she is very curious and hates to be contained in any way. As a baby, she will need a great deal of motion (bouncing, going for outings in her stroller, being carried in a backpack), and later on when she is mobile herself, you may have a hard time keeping up with her. She needs plenty of space to dance, prance, gallop, cavort, and generally release her overflowing energy. She can be quite boisterous and wild in her play and she often has no sense of self-restraint or moderation. She is a bit of a daredevil, and if it has never been done before, she wants to do it. She can also be rather overwhelming to quieter, more cautious children, but on the other hand, her liveliness and good cheer tends to be contagious. She brings out the playfulness in other people.

     There is an open, welcoming friendliness about her that others find quite appealing. She seems to expect good times, and she enjoys sharing them. She likes having many playmates, and while she may have a favorite, she does not like to be limited or held back by anyone. In fact, she balks at restrictions of any kind, and finding a balance between giving her free rein to express herself and setting reasonable limits, is likely to be an ongoing challenge for you.. When you want her to do something, you must enlist her cooperation and appeal to her higher instincts and strong sense of fair play. Commands and heavy displays of authority will create much resentment and resistance in her, but if you treat her with respect, she will generally respond admirable.

     Kim is unflinchingly truthful, also, and her blunt honesty can be both refreshing and appalling at times. She sees right through hypocrisy and pretenses and she is not shy about pointing them out. She will probably need some gentle schooling in the art of diplomacy and of protecting people's feelings. Her good humor and good will are obvious, however, and therefore many people do not take offense at what otherwise might be a real blow!

Sun in Libra

     Kim has a highly developed sense of symmetry, balance, and fairness, and all her life she will be striving to find a happy medium (between herself and other people, between work and relationships, between her heart and her head, and so on). She tends to be moderate, avoiding extremes, seeing both sides of an issue, sometimes unable to commit herself wholeheartedly to anything for fear of excluding something or someone. Indecisiveness is likely to be a real, ongoing problem for her, and it is best not to offer her choices that require an immediate, definite response. She usually needs time to think about it, or she wants both of the options, or she does not feel strongly about either one but she will sift and weigh them indefinitely.

     Social relationships are really her forte. Fair, tactful, sensitively aware of other people and their needs, always ready to be the peacemaker or moderator in disputes, always seeking harmony and a congenial solution to disagreements, she is a born diplomat. She understands "sharing," "taking turns," and the social graces very naturally. Dissonance and ugliness between people is very upsetting to her, and she is inclined to avoid confrontation. As a child she tends to rely rather heavily on other people's direction and approval, and sometimes she will smooth over differences or bury her own unpleasant feelings about something, just so she will not create a possible disturbance with a friend.

     She is attracted to the beautiful side of life, to cultural endeavors, and she has a highly developed aesthetic awareness. She is especially aware of the relationship between colors, and of patterns and designs. Provided with the art materials, she is likely to produce some really pleasing paintings, drawings, collages, etc. She also likes to arrange her living space in a harmonious manner, and will take a pronounced interest in her clothes and appearance.

     She has much personal charm, and is sometimes inclined to use it to get what she wants, especially from adults. In most ways she will be a rather pleasant child to raise, as she is basically reasonable and is quite personable and affectionate, also.

Sun in the Eleventh House

     Kim's social world and friendships are extremely important to her.  She shines in groups and in cooperative endeavors and is apt to feel at loose ends when left to her own devices.  For instance, growing up in a fairly remote rural setting might be very nourishing and inspiring for some children, but for her it is limiting and probably boring.  Teams, clubs, and other groups which she and her peers can join are her cup of tea.

Moon in Pisces

     Dreamy, imaginative, often drifting off into fantasy or her own private inner world, Kim can entertain herself quietly for long periods of time and she is inclined to withdraw when the outside world is too threatening. Basically gentle and peace-loving, she avoids fighting and will give in to more aggressive, outspoken children in order to maintain harmony. She is also very sympathetic and perceptive about others' emotions, pains, and worries, and it hurts her to see cruelty in any form. She may be hypersensitive at times, crying over incidents that would not phase a more thick-skinned child. She does not handle criticism very well and needs only gentle reminders, never heavy-handed discipline.

     Kim needs to avoid negative, dissonant, inharmonious people and places as much as possible, as she absorbs the emotional tone of her surroundings. She is lifted up by happy, loving people and easily upset by anxious or unkind people. She may not always be able to distinguish what is coming from within herself from what stems from others, as she feels other people's emotions as if they were her own.

     Music has a powerful influence on her, too. You may wish to play her certain pieces of music for their cheerful or soothing effects.

     She has an affinity for water, as well, and spending time at the ocean, lake, or even splashing in the bathtub, will refresh and recharge her emotional batteries.

Moon in the Third House

     Whatever opinions or prejudices Kim is raised with will stay with her for a long time, and much of her thinking will be colored by her subjective feelings rather than by clear logic. The positive side of this is that she is able to articulate her feelings and talk about the things that bother her instead of "acting out" her repressed anger, sadness, etc.  She's likely to be interested in reading about people's personal lives.  A good biography will always be a welcome gift.  She may also be very interested in learning about certain historical eras to which she feels an emotional attraction.

Mercury in Scorpio

     Kim has the mind of a researcher, spy, or private investigator: she looks below the surface appearances of things and is fascinated by anything secretive, hidden, or mysterious. She is likely to be rather quiet, but when she does speak, her words have a strong bite. A definite interest in biology, animals, or nature studies is likely.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

     Kim loves to get together with friends to share ideas and common interests.  Hobby clubs with an intellectual bent, such as the chess club or Future Scientists of America, are her cup of tea.  Putting together a newsletter or a magazine with a bunch of other kids her age might be a satisfying activity.  Outside of structured activities, she enjoys just chatting or "shooting the breeze" with her friends.

Venus in Virgo

     Kim is discriminating in her choice of friends, and she may seem rather shy or modest when it comes to making friends. She likes to do things for others. Helping and serving are ways she shows her affection.

Venus in the Ninth House

     Kim has a broadminded view of love and friendship.  When she is older she may want to travel the world, making friends and enjoying other cultures.  "The family of man" makes a lot of sense to her and accords with her desire for harmony between people.  Prejudice or the denigration of foreign customs and beliefs is utterly abhorrent to her.

Mars in Sagittarius

     Kim is very exuberant, high-spirited, full of energy and vitality. She sometimes lacks staying-power and concentration, however. She will stand up for herself and her beliefs when challenged, though she does not really like to fight at all.

Mars in the Twelfth House

     Asserting her own will or winning at the expense of someone else doesn't come easily or naturally to Kim.  She may bottle up her aggressive energies, causing her to feel very vulnerable or suffer from a lack of self-confidence. She may also act covertly rather than openly and directly.  She prefers to work behind the scenes, but she needs to be encouraged to overcome her hesitancy and her fears about asserting herself.  She should not, however, be pushed into becoming more outgoing than her natural tendencies allow.

Jupiter in Virgo

     Kim is spontaneously and generously helpful.  She sincerely enjoys serving others, assisting the teacher, or being Mom or Dad's faithful helper.  And while she certainly appreciates praise for a job well done, she feels the greatest satisfaction in doing the job.  She's also clearly aware of her need for improvement and generally accepts criticism quite willingly.  In fact, she frequently turns away from compliments or applause. She has an appealing natural humility.

     Sometimes other children may see her as "too good," and truth be told, Kim can be a bit too exacting, sometimes even a bit preachy, about following the rules.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

     As a youngster, Kim will want to learn all she can about how the "real" (adult) world operates, and how to be effective in it. If a parent or grandparent allows this child to watch them work and takes time to explain the hows and whys of what they are doing, she'll be a wonderful little apprentice.  Kim will be blessed with teachers, mentors, and benefactors who will take a special interest in her, building her belief and confidence in herself.  As a result, she'll have grand aspirations and expectations of what she can achieve in the world.  Whether she's of humble origins or born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, she'll aim high.  Sometimes other children, or even adults, may envy her for this.

     It's important for parents and other influential adults in her life not to over inflate this child's sense of importance. Otherwise, when the inevitable defeats and obstacles arise, she won't know how to cope.  And she can sometimes be pompous or self-righteous, which will eventually work against her if she doesn't learn to see herself clearly.

Saturn in Libra

     Because Kim often feels that even insignificant choices and decisions are heavy matters, she can have difficulty making decisions.  She gets caught up in sifting, weighing, balancing, and comparing.  Pressing her to reach a conclusion before she had time to consider the various options distresses her, so on minor matters it may be easiest for parents to decide what's best.

     Kim also frequently feels that caring for other people is a big responsibility.  If she's given the task of caring for a younger sibling or doing some errand or household job for a parent, she'll try her best, but she won't enjoy it much.  The responsibility will weigh on her, though she may not say so.  She takes arguments between other people quite seriously, and she won't readily forgive a broken promise--even if it was given on the most tentative basis.  She has very strict inner rules about how people "should" behave toward one another, and if a friend disappoints her, she may withdraw from the relationship.  In fact, she'll sometimes feel that other people are just too much trouble.  She may seesaw between feeling lonely and wanting to be left alone.

     On the positive side, she has a strong, impartial sense of fairness, and great dedication to fulfilling commitments and obligations toward others.  On the negative side, she'll sometimes feel misunderstood, disappointed, and burdened by the need to cooperate with other people.

Saturn in the Tenth House

     A fear of being publicly embarrassed or humiliated may prevent Kim from participating in school plays and other performances.  She'll try to avoid situations in which she's in the public eye.  Even when she is very young, her reputation or public image will be important to her.  Criticism from a teacher or parent in front of friends or classmates would be excruciatingly painful for her and could cause her to "shut down" or put a lid on any thought or feeling that might be unacceptable.  She may shine or behave outlandishly in certain familiar situations but never in the "outside world."  She'll need help with putting her fear of failure in perspective and learning to risk.

Uranus in Scorpio

     Those in this age group (1974-1981) challenge and break through barriers and taboos regarding death, sex, and other very intimate and emotionally-charged issues. There will be extremists and fanatics among them, as they try to bring about changes in these areas. They also deal with their own difficult and tumultuous emotions, which may be reflected in a taste for bizarre art forms, music, etc.

Uranus in the Twelfth House

     Kim tends to hide her eccentricities, unconventionality, or nonconformist side, perhaps for fear of being thought odd or even ridiculed for her differentness. She may go to great lengths to keep it under wraps, but will occasionally burst out with a surprising rebelliousness or unsuspected independent spirit.

Neptune in Sagittarius

     Tremendous idealism, far-reaching vision, and a wide-open, expanded outlook on life characterize this age group (1970-1984). They believe that anything is possible and often overlook the immediate, obvious, and practical realities of a situation in their quest for something grander, freer, or more encompassing. Ungrounded speculation, airy fantasy, and the tendency to idealize whatever is foreign, faraway, or unattainable are the pitfalls of this age group. However, since their minds are not prematurely set and closed to new possibilities, they are likely to discover truths that more earth-bound minds would never see.

Neptune in the First House

     Kim embodies many of the characteristics described above in a very immediate way. She is definitely an idealist and a dreamer, and may seem somewhat vague or unfocused at times. Sensitive and easily moved, this is not a child that requires strong reprimands or disciplinary actions. Instead, she responds to empathy, patience, and gentle coaching. Generally not a trouble maker, she may melt into the background at times, so she needs to be acknowledged and taken into account even when she's not very forward about it.

     Kim is somewhat chameleon-like, readily taking on the characteristics of her environment. Choosing a wholesome environment that feels good to her can be very helpful to her.

Pluto in Libra

     Marriage and/or personal relationships tend to be obsessions with those in this age group (born 1971-1984), and equality, justice, and fair treatment in those relationships are passionate concerns. An awareness of the inevitability and need for continual change within a relationship may make them cautious about making permanent commitments. However, the need to experience deep connectedness and relatedness also compels them. Overcoming dependencies, fears, and resistances to deep sharing are major challenges for them.

Pluto in the Tenth House

     This child may have a very difficult relationship with authority, beginning with her father. Power and how it is wielded in the world fascinates her, and is connected both to her vocation and to her key life lessons. In other words, she could be a leader or an agent of change and healing in the world, but she will have to first heal her own resentment toward the powers-that-be.

North Node in Leo

     The qualities Kim needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are belief in herself and the willingness to following her own heart, rather than concerning herself with what her peers want or think about her. A healthy dose of "selfishness" is in her own, and ultimately everyone else's, best interests.

North Node in the Eighth House

     Kim is a natural investigator with the urge to delve into difficult problems or things that have an element of secretiveness, mystery, or the unknown. She's a deep sea diver and she won't be satisfied with simplistic answers to her profound questions. Her destiny involves fearlessly probing into what others may consider dangerous, inappropriate, taboo, or simply unknowable. As a young child she may be inclined to ask "nosy" personal questions of complete strangers, or confound her elders with her uncanny awareness of what is really going on underneath the surface appearance of things. She has and instinctive gift for handling emergencies, crisis situations, and difficulties of all kinds.

Planets in Aspect

Moon opposite Jupiter  (Strength:  11.40)

     Exuberant, buoyant, and cheerful, it seems that nothing keeps Kim down for long. She has a way of making people feel good just by being around, and she is quite sociable. She is also very generous, and she does not always know when to stop herself when it comes to partying, eating, or spending money (especially on comfort and things that make her feel good).

Venus square Neptune  (Strength:  5.07)

     Kim can create worlds of great beauty and richness in her own imagination, and her creative gifts should be encouraged and developed. Art, music, or theatre are likely to be important interests. She also has a very dreamy and somewhat naive attitude about love and friendship, and she is likely to come to some rude awakenings when her friends do not measure up to her ideals.

Moon trine Uranus  (Strength:  4.30)

     Kim likes to feel very free and uninhibited, and she will enjoy taking risks, riding roller coasters, surfing, or doing other things that thrill and excite her emotionally.

     She also has an independent streak, and she does not like to feel that she is under anyone's domination.

Mercury sextile Venus  (Strength:  3.80)

     Kim has a cooperative, friendly frame of mind that makes it easy for her to get along in social situations. She has the gift of making light, pleasant conversation and putting people at ease.

     She also has a strong appreciation for aesthetics, artistic design and style.

Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.66)

     Those born during this generation have the opportunity to advance spirituality and a consciousness of unity, universality, and brother / sisterhood. Only a few individuals may heed the call, but many will be influenced by them.

Moon opposite Saturn  (Strength:  2.22)

     Though she may seem aloof, Kim is really quite shy, cautious, and afraid of not being accepted and included. She needs a lot of warmth and love from her family, in order to learn to trust and open up with others.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn  (Strength:  1.88)

     Kim is apt to have a very constructive relationship with her father or, if not, to seek out other fatherly figures to guide and teach her how to make her way in the world. Positive male influences are definitely something that she will seek out and find. She feels empowered when she is taught practical skills that she will one day need in the adult world, and would enjoy seeing her parents in their work setting. Given encouragement, she would be one of the most conscientious workers around!

Mercury conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  1.60)

     Kim is inclined to hold radical, outrageous, or unconventional views, and she enjoys challenging traditional ideas. She has a quick, inventive mind and is apt to have sudden inspirations or flashes of insight. She is also prone to be nervous and mentally restless, particularly in a learning environment that is too structured, or where there is much emphasis on rote and repetition.

Venus square Ascendant  (Strength:  1.13)

     Kim has a strong desire for beauty and pleasantness in her environment. She also likes to make a pleasing impression on others, and is very concerned with her physical appearance and the impact she makes on the world. She may be rather vain. Positively, though, she is quite agreeable, personable, and willing to set aside personal preferences for the sake of harmony with her friends.

Mars sextile Saturn  (Strength:  1.05)

     Kim has good concentration and the ability to persist until she reaches her goals. She is cautious about asserting her will or taking a new direction; but once she commits herself to a course of action, she works quietly and steadily. She does need moral support, though, as she is inclined to get bogged down and discouraged from time to time.

Sun conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  0.49)

     Kim is very willful and when she wants something, she goes after it wholeheartedly, even fanatically, but she may hide her intentions, as she has a very private side. She tends to go to extremes. She may have an infatuation with power, fame, or personal glory, and she needs to learn to use her own power effectively. Gentle martial arts like aikido would be very good for her.

     She is also very fascinated by the mysteries of life and death. She is likely to ask some very searching questions about death at an early age.

Neptune conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  0.15)

     Kim has a rather impressionable, malleable, and yielding manner, and as a child, she may not have a very clear sense of identity. She is very compassionate and empathetic, also, and dislikes harshness or cruelty in any form. She tends to avoid confrontation.

Mars conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  0.08)

     Frank, forthright, and direct, Kim makes her presence and her will known very clearly. She is inclined to act first and think later. Decisiveness and initiative are her gifts; rashness or insensitivity to other people's needs and desires may be her downfall.

     She appears self-confident and brave; others are inclined to follow her lead or at least to leave her alone to do what she wills.

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